We are two siblings whose history with natural cosmetics goes back many years.

We were just little girls when our grandmother Evgenia, who made a living in Alexandria, Egypt producing her own natural cosmetics, first introduced us to the secrets of the Mediterranean. She raised us with stories and myths of the ingredients that the Mediterranean nature provides, always emphasizing on their “magical”, beneficial properties.

The knowledge we acquired for the treasures of the Greek and the wider Mediterranean land, combined with our studies in Chemical Engineering and Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art respectively, have enabled us to develop old recipes and – in cooperation with some of the most reliable, experienced and renowned cosmetologists – we have now created our own line of natural cosmetics.

We have chosen purple as a symbol of creation, evolution and vision!

The purpose of Mediterranean Youth – ΜΥ – is to offer beauty, health and a sense of well-being through its products!

Maria & Evgenia Boussoulega